Will I have to deal with performance issues after this?

Currently as of today, I’ve been working on an open world game for around 2-3 weeks. The game has right now more than 70k parts on only roads, with buildings I must say the final game could have 150-200k.

And also the game contains a lof of terrain. Can this game be achieved and have no performance issues even with the correct optimization? Can streaming help here or will it make the performance worse? Should I even bother making this?

ROBLOX handles render distances quite well depending on the players settings. If you have a single part that is extremely big and possibly goes outside the render area for a player then there will start to be some performance issues for lower end devices. Keeping note that alot of players play on mobile. You can also try playing the game on your phone whilst looking at the performance stats in the game settings ui

Do you believe that I should use streaming for this if the map is too big? or could this make performance bad on the server?

If you can find a way to stream parts of your map that’ll increase the performance by alot, allowing lower end devices to run better.

You can read on the benefits of streaming here