Will my animations be any smoother/better if I use Moon Animator over the built-in Roblox Animator?

I am making a melee game and obviously the weapons need animations. All the years that I have been developing games on this platform, I have told myself that I will move to Moon Animator or even Blender for animating, yet I become lazy and just stick to the Roblox Animator. I already model certain things in Blender, so it would make sense to animate there too, but I don’t want to have to learn something new and I want to just upgrade to Moon Animator. But is there really any difference between Moon Animator and Roblox Animator?


coming from someone who has used both for many years

all i gotta say is it doesnt matter which one u use if ur good at animating either one works for u

its like saying

“if i use adobe instead of my regular paint app will i be a pro at drawling”
yes moon animator is easier to make animations on
so i recommend it BUT its doesnt mean your gonna see a huge differences u just have to keep practicing


The issue is I need to animate melee swinging animations so they have to be as smooth as possible.

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If you just plainly don’t use easing types in the default animator, then yeah go right ahead and use Moon. I personally use Roblox’s default and don’t notice much of a difference between them either except for simplicity

either one works ive made amooth animations with moon
and smooth ones with regular

just because u use moon or regular doesnt mean ur gonna magically be able to make smooth animations

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I had problems with moon so I don’t use it. My problem was that for custom rigs the animations just bugged out and only played for like a couple miliseconds then restarted.