Will my game be laggy?

I have been using the dev console to try to make sure my scripts are not laggy. But I saw this and I dont know what this means?

It is the 22067 rate(/s) that im confused about.

(forgot to mention, the rate is only like this in real game, its a low amount in studio)

Here is a Detailed List about the Developer Console

That dosent talk about this part of the dev console.

i can say that your game wont be laggy because of the average ping, also alot of players now
have good computers.
also the 22067 rate(/s) is just how much the “FirstServer” script is running

but isnt it bad if its running 22067 times?

i meant that how much the script is doing work
and 22067 rate(/s) is how much its doing no need to worry about it, wont cause lag

i tested it with a auto clicker and constantly used the script. Ten mins later the server ping went up by atleast 50. (Its a punching script btw, so I just left click for it to activate)

you should use debounce to make a cooldown for the punching script then
heres a post on debounce in the roblox doc

I figured out why it was lagging, it was the ClientCast module I have been using.