Will PvP Fighting With In-Game Currency On The Line Break Roblox's TOS?

I was unsure which category to place this specific question under and I am sorry if I did place it in the incorrect category. I know that this question is probably stupid and the answer might be obvious, but it is better for me to be safe than sorry.

I wanted to add a colosseum to my MMORPG game, where players would fight and lose the money which they put up for the fight. Keep in mind that this is the in-game currency, which players can gain by in-game accomplishments. I am aware that gambling is against Roblox’s TOS, however, I wanted to confirm whether this idea could be stretched out to the idea of gambling and if it would still be against the TOS if they are exchanging in-game currency.

Out of curiosity, let’s say that players could buy in-game currency with Robux.
Would this then break Roblox’s TOS?

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It seems fine until this

players could buy in-game currency with Robux.

So I do think it will break Roblox’s TOS.

Yeah, that was just something I was curious about. It would make sense if that breaks the TOS though, just wondering where the boundaries are.

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