Will Roblox moderate this? Can this lead to a warning/ban?

Hello Creators,

I’m currently working on building maps for my upcoming game. I’ve decided to use the model shown below;

The question is, will ROBLOX moderate this? Can it result in a warning/ban on my account?
I really couldn’t find the answer anywhere, and believe it is fine as they allow guns, bombs and other lethal weapons.

The guillotine will not be ‘usable’, and will in no way display decapitation of users or npcs.


I don’t think this is a good idea, you can risk it but honestly Roblox doesn’t really like this kind of stuff.


I’m not so sure Roblox will like this, but I think removing the blood would definitely increase your chances of it getting accepted.


It should be fine but I don’t think it’d be eligible for xbox release. It’s certainly a little borderline but I don’t think that prop alone would warrant action

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I’ve seen some in GoT games, and they have not been moderated yet (it was actually “usable” :flushed:) . I think if you remove the blood you should be fine. It looks cool though

This should be fine as long as players cannot use this. Roblox is against having blood on models and such, so I would suggest removing the blood there.

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The blood might be a bit much but I don’t think the model itself will be too harmful

Don’t add that to any games, I was given a three day ban for having a free model one that was functional in my game, which is ridiculous because the model has been up for over a year possibly longer and I’ve had it in other games and other people use them in their games all the time, especially French Revolution themed games.

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I would not highly know. But by me playing other Medieval games, and not seeing this. They probably won’t.

Although if you wish to find the answer you can do one of the two following:

  1. You can Flag your post, pick It’s Something else and ask, but most likely they won’t answer the question.

  2. You can email them here: devrelations@roblox.com and ask them as they might be able to answer the question better then us.

But my personal opinion I think it would be fine if it didn’t, but like said before I don’t before cause I never seen this in any type of Medieval Games.

Same it is because the working one is infected with a script with a bad word in it

Hard to guess :man_shrugging:

Roblox can sometimes be up and down when it comes to gore/deadly things.

I’ve seen games with deadly axes, blood and gore gushing out, absolute obliteration, grenades, guns, etc.

I think a guillotine will be fine.

Don’t quote me on that ^.

If you’re wondering, yes, the game is still up.

I’m pretty sure I saw a guillotine in a game before. It was a little comedy about beheading scammers, and I don’t think anything happened. Still, though, I would be careful.