Will ROBLOX SurfaceAppearance be used to make GFX?


I’ve been wondering, as a graphic designer myself, using Blender 2.83, will other, younger people, be able to use ROBLOX Studio as an alternative with its recent updates? You’re able to create more realistic results, with enhanced lighting and better shadows.

Can someone with a better experience with SurfaceAppearance and ‘Future’ lighting system answer this question?

Will ROBLOX’s update make GFX easier?

Due to the recent updates, the SurfaceAppearance update looks amazingly realistic, and good! With this update will people be able to ditch downloading software, such as Blender and C4D? And how will it effect the larger graphic designers, that make all of their money and robux from GFX?

(Taken from SurfaceAppearance Studio Beta)

How can younger starter designers use this to their advantage?

Some people do not have large CPU’s and GPU’s, which can effect what they can have on their PC. I myself have tried to download rigs and HDRI’s and then they did not work. Blender can also sometimes crash, because it is a larger software. ROBLOX Studio, on the other hand, is improving every day, and it is a relatively small file, (pardon me if I’m wrong).

Can younger developers and designers use ROBLOX Studio’s updates to create a better result with the new technology and enhanced software?

Please let me know how you feel in the comments, and if you have any corrections please tell me :confused:


I don’t think the render will be as powerful as Blender or C4d.


God I hope not. Sure as a stepping stone, and maybe for niche uses, but Blender (and other rendering software) is far superior for rendering than Roblox - which is nothing against Roblox, they’re two very different pieces of software with different goals.

Additionally, Blender is updated about as often as Roblox does, considering 2.83 (the version you’re using) was only released a couple weeks ago. :wink:

There is something to be said about accessibility, however, as Blender 2.8+ can’t run on some machines that can run Roblox. However rendering on Blender 2.79 and less is still far superior.

In short, PBR has way more control and fidelity on software that was made for that purpose.


If they are able to create bump maps and normal maps, honestly, they should just do it in blender or a different program that handles more complicated modeling/texturing/rendering.

The thing about that is that if someone models something in blender, and export it to ROBLOX Studio, then it loses most of the things that make the model great, like bump maps and texture coordinates.

You can just export that separately?

You make a point-

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Well, recent updates greatly improved what can be done with roblox. A good artist can certainly get realistic results out of it, especially with complex scenes where the focus is on the actual geometry and texturing, where the lighting isnt that important.
Look at this video by Ian Hubert using the eevee rendering engine in blender, which isnt actually that much different from what you can do using PBR materials and future lighting.
However, I dont see it that useful for beginners. Especially if you can only make simple scenes with premade materials, you will need the realistic raytraced lighting that cycles has to really make it shine.