Will selling in-game items for Robux ever be a thing?

I’d you don’t understand, here’s an example: let’s say you’re playing “Adopt Me!” And you find a super rare item, but instead of wearing it, you’d like to sell it for Robux in an auction house INSIDE the game’s code. Inside, meaning that you don’t have to do any third party tools to sell it for Robux, but instead you instantly get the Robux once someone buys your item in the game.

Would you think this would either be allowed in Roblox? Or maybe codable or possible for Lua?

I would’ve sent this in suggestions, but I’m curious first on how everyone thinks about this idea and also to see if it’s allowed, haha.

There is a lot of problems with this, the main problem I think is that you can easily make alt accounts to find the rare items to give to your main who can sell it off for a lot. And exploiters could possibly dupe items and make a huge profit.

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That’d be a bad thing. Too much of a risk if scam directly in a game. Not to mention that it’s make said game liable for scam and possibly result in the game being removed off the site.

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This definitely isn’t possible with in games, and can only be achieved by using methods such as buying another players gamepass. Anyways, Roblox would 100% never add this feature because like the people above said, it could be highly abused and exploited.