Will somebody commission me? {FEEDBACK}

ok so this will be short
I want to start making ads/thumbnails
for the roblox community :]
but I am not sure if currently I am in the right age or skill level to do so,
so I made this fake ad for feedback I would love to see how I can improve


I really like your art style! I’ve never seen anything similar to it before.

If this was a real ad, I could definitely see people being interested and clicking on it. If I owned a group or the like, and needed someone to make ads, I’d commission.

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thanks for the feedback! i was not sure if people would like the different style since most ads on Roblox are the same for groups, so thanks :}

Oh no, Roblox will see that as an inappropriate image.

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i thought so too but it’s still up here so i guess it’s fine

That art style is very different, and it is pretty well done too! Two things about it though that I will go over;

  1. Although the art style is nice, and pops out at you, there is a issue. Like @syntax said, there is a high risk that Roblox will delete this add, or other ones like this due to them calling this “inappropriate”. While I sometimes don’t understand roblox’s moderation system, I do if it bans this though as the skirt is a bit to high up, there is to much upper thighs shown. I believe the mid-drift is fine though, but the skirt is definitely not from a roblox moderation standpoint. Roblox will probably mark this as inappropriate and either give you a warning or ban you’re account for a few days. Now this might not happen but it is a risk that you must be willing to take if you continue with this art style.

  2. Secondly, you must remember who is using this app. A large portion of roblox users are children below the age of 10. Would this pop out at them? Maybe for some, but not for many (in my opinion). While the colors are flashy, the text is a little bit hard to read, so not as many will get the message.

Other than that, the art is fantastic, and I have a huge belief that someone will commission you in matter of due time.

thank you so much for the feedback! while doing the coloring i noticed that the skirt was a bit too high up and because it was made to be a fake ad i wasn’t sure if i should change it but rlly if i ever do get commission it will never end up being risky like this one ended up being :3

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