Will the bot ban me for this?

Hey there!

Im making a pokemon-like game, and im making a evolution for a creature
Wich is this one: https://streamable.com/q8k61f

Please take you some time to see it completely

Doesn’t it have some suspicious shape or something?
The bot will ban me for this?
Why i can get banned exactly?

Sorry i’m too scared :sweat_smile:


w e l l, that be looks very weird and that shape looks interesting, I’d suggest to remove it to not take any risks


The wings or what shape you mean?

The belly thing, I think it’s the belly

Honestly I don’t think you’re in any kind of trouble. As long as you don’t use the name or assets from pokemon you should be safe.

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How curious, i tought to remove it one time
This is the result:

looks much better and more appropriate

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Are you sure? you don’t see any weird shape?

Absolutely not. It looks completely fine in my eyes.

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