Will the script yield?

First of all, would an example of a yield be using :WaitForChild on something the doesn’t exist?
I don’t really have a clear understanding of a yield.


I was using messaging service for a game, then I started wondering, will the script yield?

local Ques = _G.Ques
local ms = game:GetService("MessagingService")
game.ServerScriptService.Binds.Subscribe.OnInvoke = function(server_name) 
--will it yield? if so how can I fix it so I have have multiple requests without 
--it yielding. Will I have to use coroutine?
	local con = ms:SubscribeAsync(Ques[server_name]["code"],function(m)
		if m == true then
			Ques[server_name] = nil

thanks for reading

In this case, no;

In the case of a :WaitForChild() (without the TimeOut parameter), yes;

If you use :WaitForChild(), it will always yield in the case that said string/object is not in the specified location after about 5 seconds, and will give you some type of infinite yield possible on ___ warning if you do not have the timeout parameter in place. An example of the timeout parameter is like this:

workspace:WaitForChild(server_name, 3) -- With 3 being the amount of seconds the WaitForChild() call with yield before continuing the code.

From what I am seeing though, I do not see any indication in your code where the code will yield, so since you are not using :WaitForChild, your code will error instead of yield in this case provided there is a problem.