Will the timer actually go through every millisecond?

I’ve recently been working on a rythmn game. To calculate when the bullets appear, I make it so they come at a certain time. That time is being collected from the time of the song.

What I want to know is that when setting the value of a number value to the time of a sound instance, will it go through every single millisecond, and such.

For example, a bullet would appear at the time in seconds 16.192. When I am getting the song’s value, would it go over that number, or would it skip the thousandth?

sorry, I know this might be a little confusing. Thanks.


The shortest time scripts can yield at 60fps is 1/60 ≈ 0.016 seconds. (Which is ≈ 16.66 miliseconds). This means unfortunatly you cannot have code pause for a single milisecond. You can however use RunService’s events such as Heartbeat which fires every frame and then use its DeltaTime argument to adjust your games logic to compensate accordingly.

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Do you have any good examples of what you said below? Or may you expand upon it? I’m just a little confused because I don’t feel like you specified that fully.

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No need for this … start a timer and get the total when needed.

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