Will there be a lot of lag?

So, let’s say that I was going to make a game with a huge terrain. It’s going to be very big and it would take some time to get from one side to the other(let’s say 30 minutes - 1 hour).

I’m asking if I were to have 100 players in that game, spread across the map, will it be tremendously laggy(this includes the scripts that the game uses also)?

Does ROBLOX count and render players, parts, and other things that are outside of the players’ render distance?

Are DataStores going to fail?

Will this break remote events if too many players fire it at once?

Will having lots of parts be a huge issue?

If there is a problem with that, is there any way to go around it?

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DataStores won’t fail unless you don’t know how to use them. I recommend using DataStore2.

Having a lot of players and lots of parts will be more laggy than a game with less players and less parts. It may seem obvious but that’s about as far as I can say - it depends on how each part is being used, how many of them are unions, if they are affected by physics, etc.

I can say with certainty that there will be a huge amount of ClientMemory with a terrain map that big. Even more if there’s water. Terrain and especially water EAT memory. High memory usages can lead to worse performance on lower end systems.

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Can you answer this question?

If a player were to be on one side of the map, with no players in their render distance, compared with a player with a lot of players in the render distance, will there be the same amount of lag?

Yes it will lag, if you have a huge map like the one you said then it will take ages to render etc.
plus, why would you even need a map that big?

it would be an exploration/pvp game

Let me try to address these things in order:

  1. Datastores will Most Likely not fail, as it isn’t a lag based thing; more of a server thing which would be handled by roblox.

  2. RemoteEvents also are not lag based, so I can’t see them breaking because so many people fire them at once.

  3. Having any amount of parts is going to cause lag that increases linearly to the amount of parts you have; so yes and no. Parts will cause lag mostly based on only what the client has rendered at the time, less-so based on the actual number of parts, though I’d still make sure it is not too excessive.

  4. There isn’t really a way around lag with 100 player servers. Having that many players in a game is going to cause a significant amount of lag, roblox’s servers just aren’t optimized to handle that amount of players with no lag. That’s not to say it isn’t playable; lag will be there, but it’s obviously dependent on your scripts, your part count, and your terrain detail.

  5. Currently, roblox’s handling of 100 player servers is at an all time high though as stated before its definitely not perfect and is still going to cause some game lag; but it shouldn’t deter you from using them. Once roblox continues to optimize servers to handle 200 players, 100 player servers will improve along with it.