Will this ad get clicks?

Hello. I was wondering a question about advertisements.

If you were to see this ad, would you click it? I want as many people as possible to join via the ad.

Thank you and please leave opinions & how to improve it.

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It looks pretty good, but for improvements I’d recommend adding a little more general detail, like maybe with the road and also with the text.


Would you click it if you stumbled upon it on the site?

Usually I never click on any ads so probably not - not to sound insulting or anything.


This would be great if the game was aimed towards anyone under the age of 13.

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Not at all. The text is horribly unreadable, the play button is a lower resolution from the crappy road background, making it blurry. You have to add an appeal to children, for example having a brief visual description of the game. When you decided said visual description, try to make it the main part of your ad, like a couple I attached below:

Less text is better, the more vibrant colors you add to the advertisement the better attraction you will get to your game.


It is. Thanks for your input, it will really help in the future.

no, because it looks unprofessional, the text is blurry, and that purple text doesn’t look good on there, and the play button looks bad on there too.

i wouldn’t click it!

It may get (clicks) if there was information showing users what the game was about, I myself wouldn’t click on it because, it isn’t attractive all it shows is ‘text’, with a road in the background. Try to include some vibrant colors make it descriptive and eye-catching so it could attract players to check out your game.

Instead of showing a road which I’m assuming is related to the game try including the game itself so it could grasp players attention consider to improve it a bit more.

Right now, it doesn’t really show what the game is about. It should feature what the game is about there are many ways to improve an ad. Perhaps include - cars on the street, and other define options that are towards what your creating. There are still improvements that could be made to craft a decent ad for your project!

Purple text is a temp. watermark because someone keeps stealing my art no matter where its posted.

I would most likely not click this. The ad looks very standard and plain- like every other ad on roblox. I would suggest trying to showcase the game in the ad rather than just putting some text and a play button.