Will this be removed for nudity / How to clothe a custom mesh human

I created a character and some clothes for it and thought “Wait, i need to uplad the base first. But it’s naked”.

I tried to make each body segment pre-clothed, but then if some clothing overlaps (boots with long pants), or if some clothes don’t reach the full length of a bodypart (cargo shorts), i’ll have to find workarounds.
Workarounds like: Uploading cargo pants from ankle up, including legs. But then there will be 2 materials for one model, potentially impacting performance and creating seams between bodyparts.

It seems easier to just upload the base human mesh and clothes seperately, and making sure your character can’t be naked. But the base is… well a base. It’s naked. Grey, but naked. Or skin color in-game. No graphic parts like: …not listing them, we all know. :smile: Just a base shape.

I just want to be in the green. Any advice? Any way to contact mods about this?

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If you are wanting to upload the character base with textured clothes on (white shirt black shorts etc) shouldn’t get flagged. If you want to upload just the base character without textured clothing then many would suggest using an alt account just in case it does get flagged but just contacting support about it would probably be ideal. It may take 2-3 days if emailed (no idea if there’s roblox forums message support)

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Could you make ‘underwear’ type clothing for a player to wear while not wearing clothes in-game? You could remove it before adding other clothing so you don’t see overlaps.


That could be a viable option. Why didn’t i think of that?

Isn’t that ban evasion?
Also this: Would This Get Me Warned/Banned? - #2 by ActivateWarrior
I’ll try to contact them.

No because it isnt really bad but if it gets flagged becuz roblox moderation then your alt will get a warning not your main

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Ban evasion would be if you used the alt to upload stuff that does break the tos/rules. If you using an alt and uploading stuff that isn’t against tos just as a way to avoid accidental warnings then it should be fine

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Oooh, i get it.
This is smart tho.

As long as there are no overt geometric “body parts” modeled out in detail, you’ll be fine. I have done this.
and if it does get taken down, feel free to appeal it

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So as long as there is no :flushed: i’ll be fine.
I never had to appeal anything on roblox. Is the system really that bad, or is thats just people going “haha support bad” for not getting a reply immediately?

It’s kind of random tbh, Roblox moderation isn’t exactly consistent. I would recommend just adding underwear to it in such a way that it won’t interfere with the clothes you add ontop of it (making it flush with the body for example)

Realized I necroposted afterwards oop