Will This decline my dev ex?

Hello, I am just wondering if my warning that roblox gave to me 3 months ago to remove something from my game I had a discord gui that says join my discord and the code and that was the reason, I did not know that was not allowed since they allow it in social links. Anyways that was my first moderation note I got in 3 years I think or 2. Does this effect my dev ex being declined or Will it be approved. Also My game has free models like everything is free models and I took the prison life map Is that still approved as it is “free”.

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You have to use PolicyService’s GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync function to determine whether or not it’s allowed to be shown to a player, as it’s may be different for each player. Also, they are pretty lenient with minor infractions, so you should be fine.

If it was something minor, they don’t tend to mind. If you were banned recently or moderated then I would say theres a high chance of it being declined

Minor moderation issues are breezed by in the cashout process, assuming you have a record clean of any scamming, explicit material, stolen assets, etc.

In regards to the free models, as long as you have rights to the content and it was not a stolen asset then uploaded to the public library, there is nothing wrong with creating a game out of free models and making money from it.

Hope that helps.

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Probably not, it’s a very minor warning. You can try it out, if you match the criteria they’ll allow you. Else not.

I think they should allow you if you match the other requirements as well, if they don’t, RIP.

Roblox won’t decline anyone from the DevEx program for no serious reason. I mean, it was a 3 day ban, but if since then you have not been banned or violated in any form the Roblox Terms Of Use, I personally think that they will accept you.
You can check out this article for further understanding:

That’s not true… You’re not allowed to show Discord links at all. AllowedExternalLinkReferences is for stuff like Twitter or Youtube.

Many Popular Games have discord as the social link, Check.

https://www.roblox.com/games/5168998837/Prison-Life-2-UPDATE?refPageId=439dfaa9-9688-4f19-aff1-328074f1d085 thats my game play it and let me know.

Social links are different from including them within the game yourself. Nowhere in the Community Rules is there an exception that allows them within the game itself.


Social Links are showen to 13+ users. If you are -13 then you can’t put any social links to your game.