Will this easy welding formula I made up in my head work?

(Even though it’s only virtual blood I do know that there is someone out there who is very sensitive.)
(And yes, I will include a blood toggle option.)
(Keep in mind this is my first Devforum post, so please comment about things I should improve.)

I have a build that has multiples or parts, however, I am wondering if my easy welding formula would work.

How it works: An invisible part the size of a normal torso used in the 1.0 character package will be welded to the character torso and inside the invisible torso will contain the limb wounds for when your arm comes off. There will be welds to the limbs and the wounds will be unanchored. Only in the script to weld it will unanchor it and clone it for use.

Explorer example:

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Since “WeldTogether” has Part0 as “InvisTorsoForWelding” and Part1 as “Wound” I think it would cause a conflict if I do WeldTogether.C0 = script.Parent.Torso. I don’t know if welds transfer in CFrames.

Also, can you please rate my building?

(Far down because of sensitivity statement)

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So sorry for the people that have high resolution devices and are sensitive to blood. Formatting.


I cant say anything about this method but I have some feedback, make the blood more darker and if its made out of Roblox parts use ice material or granite (I dont remember how is called), if not just add some dark red texture to it and that should do it

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