Will this get my game taken down? | Vitamin Pharmacy

Hello! I am trying to make some sort of pharmacology bit of the game. From what I understand, no use of any depictions of illegal drugs or any misuse of prescription drugs will be allowed, as per the ss below:

In order to avoid depictions of real drugs, I have come up with some fake elements and fake formulas. The elements are: Bezolium [Bz], Clownium [Cw], and Jabotine [J]. An example formula would be J₅CW₁₃BZ₁₂, which in no way represents any possible real-life substance. They will be used strictly to treat in-game ailments, such as low health. Some side effects may exist like too much Clownium will turn the player into a clown character and other trivial, playful, and non-problematic things. They will be created into a vitamin using the panel below:

My question is, would this in any way be against the Roblox TOS, Community Standards, or any other regulation, and will this get my game taken down?

Thank you all for any help,
modern :slight_smile:


There’s no way it will get taken down if you have created custom names.


I figured. I am really just asking out of an abundance of caution. Thank you!

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