Will this get past the nudity filter?

So, I had this image flagged for nudity:

To put things into context, it’s the picture of one of the skins in my game. The limbs are simply black parts with selection boxes around them.

Since I’m not bothered enough to contest the image’s removal, I decided to redesign the skin:

Will this get past the filter? Or do I need to do more?


Pretty sure this will get past the filter

You should add a outline around the head


I tried that, but for some reason, Selection Spheres don’t have a thickness property, so the outline ends up being too large.

Maybe you could try that method where you have an inside out mesh or something? Like make a sphere mesh put it around the head but don’t turn on 2 sided?

I don’t believe the original should have been flagged for nudity either, in regard to roblox guidelines. But regardless, the second shouldn’t be.

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Honestly you should, it’s not hard too. I DMed @Mod_Review_Requests and after 7 days they reverted a warn for an asset and accepted it.

Anyway, the second should pass the filter, but nothing is 100%.

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