Will using both parts and meshes cause problems later?

Hello! I’m working on a rather large map and am making detailed houses using a mix of parts and meshes. My question here is will this cause me problems later?

I’m planning on having another 15 Houses like this and that’s not including all the world assets such as trees,rocksprops, and each house will have interiors and what not. Each house has around 500 - 1.5k Parts and around 20 - 100 Meshparts. Will this cause a bunch of lag in the future or is this something I shouldn’t be worrying about?

Map Size:


Another question is does unioning parts help reduce lag?

It honestly depends on the person’s device, but I suggest having people test your game everytime you make big changes that could potentially make a difference in performance. Not everyone has the same computer, and there will be people who can’t handle what others can.

It would help a lot if the graphics levels were low, about 1-3 perhaps. If you’re going to be putting houses all around the map then max graphics wouldn’t work too well.

I’m pretty sure unioning does help a bit with reducing overall lag, since all the parts are compressed into one huge part rather than just being individual. I’d get a second opinion, though!

I hope this helps, good luck! :smile:

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I beleive this is wrong several post have been made to prove this, im not trying to be mean i just don’t want to mislead this person :slight_smile:

Also i beleive using mesh parts and regular parts should be keeping your lag pretty low.

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Turn on performance stat in Roblox game setting while testing and focus on cpu, recovery. Mainly keep cpu(memory) at 500mb if possible average and 100 for recovery. But these change varying on a person’s device.

Doesn’t Union corrupts sometimes?

They are very unreliable yes.
Answering the main topic, meshes and parts have their own uses and it depends on how you set your colision fidelity and other properties. In general they should work fine if we are only speaking about lag.
On the otherhand you might run into problems should you need to make changes to the houses that uses both systems, specially if you need to resize them. Roblox does a diferent resizing method for meshparts and regular parts so I would be more concerned with this.
If you follow all the above tips (mine and the others) you should be completely okay!

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No! This is a HUGE misconception. Lets say you have like 100 parts, and you union them because it will reduce part count. The reality is that union will still have the same properties memory wise and what not as those 100 parts. If you union something is a lot of parts I recommend exporting and them importing as a mesh instead. Just stay clear of unions all together unless you are using them for lets say a window hole or something that doesn’t involve combining lots of parts. So the bottom line is unions DO NOT save lag!

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And for your main question, if you have multiple meshes like that it may actually be worse then parts depending on the triangle count, and polycount and all of that. I would recommend reducing the part count as much as possible because you are copy and pasting houses with that many parts and they are close together some lower ends may have some trouble!

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So essential to speed up performance and keep the quality I’d want to export walls into blender and export them back out? One other question I had is will having textured Trees and Rocks cause lag? Each Tree has 5 Textures on the wood part and 5 on the snow part.

The textures are perfectly fine, are the wall parts and how many parts are they?

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Window walls are 1 part with a unioned Cylinder and part for the hole. The windows themselfs are 3 MeshParts. Frame,Glass and Inner Frame

That doesn’t actually sound that bad. Were is the 500-1k parts coming from then. Is is the stone/brick at the base of the house?

Yeah it’s a combination of the bricks along with the frame which is all parts. The roof also has small tiny parts in between to give it a smoother look. Some of those parts aren’t added yet as 500 - 1k is an estimate once I finish with detailing the inside

What the actual part count then?

I’m not too sure how to tell. I think it’s 612 if I’m not mistaken

600 parts for one building is fairly steep. Here’s my advice:

  • Turn of collisions on any part that the user does not or should not interact with. Those bricks at the bottom do not have to have their collisions turned on. Use Part Picker (plug-in) to accomplish this in a minute (literally.) Turn CanCollide off or use a texture.

  • To prevent using lighting inside the building, turn shadows off. Point lights/spotlights are fairly ‘tough’ when it comes to performance.

  • Don’t use Roblox terrain water. This is particularly laggy, especially when used for large areas.

  • Space things out, the further things are apart the less lag generally speaking.

I’ll try to follow these tips. Thank you!