Will versioning consume the 4MB DataStore quota?

Once DataStore Versioning was implemented recently, I wonder if the additional data saved in each version will consume the 4MB DataStore quota?

If so, this could be dangerous, as a change to a large table using SetAsync will duplicate this table in each version of the DataStore and take up more and more space within the available 30 days.

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Good question!
The answer is no, it doesn’t count towards the quota.

Test Script:

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local store = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("test")

local key = "big"

store:SetAsync(key, string.rep("a",4100000))
print("set a string")

store:SetAsync(key, string.rep("b",4100000))
print("set b string")

local versions :DataStoreVersionPages = store:ListVersionsAsync("big")
for _,v :DataStoreObjectVersionInfo in pairs(versions:GetCurrentPage()) do
	local good,str = pcall(function()
		return store:GetVersionAsync(key, v.Version)
	if not good then warn(str) end
	print("FirstLetter",str:sub(1,1),"strln",str:len(),"Time", v.CreatedTime, "version", v.Version)

Result (I ran it a few times lol):

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