Will welds break my game?

I’ve been building many models of my map and welds seem to appear everywhere, and there’s too many for me to delete. Will it cause lag or problems? Is there a feature to turn off ‘Auto-weld-builder’?

Well probably the scripts are creating it just so that it welds everything and you don’t have to anchor every single part since when a part that is anchored and it is being welded to other parts, the parts will be affected as well.

Welds won’t break your game.

It creates it in studio, so it can’t be the scripts.

Then I have no idea, could be a virus unless you tell me the reproduction step of how it created the weld.

You may have ‘Join Surfaces’ turned on in the ‘Models’ section beside the tools. That’s why you have welds everywhere. But Welds won’t break the game.

This may just lag the studio but it could lag the game itself when published, But i think it would only affect the studio and not the Game

If you want to get rid of the welds currently in your game, you can use the Command Bar to run code to destroy all welds in the workspace, but it will also destroy any intentional welds if you have any:

for i, object in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if i % 1000 == 0 then wait(0.05) end
    if object:IsA("Weld") then