Win10 Version Cursor Desync

On the Windows 10 version of Roblox from the Microsoft store, the ability to hold down the right mouse button to move the camera while in third person has gotten a bug introduced to it recently. Whenever I move my mouse while doing this, whenever I move it again after letting go of the mouse button, it will snap to the position that it would be in had I not been holding down the button. This happens in all games, with no issues with a first-person view. I’ve attempted to completely wipe all Windows 10 version files and reinstall, but the issue persists.
Another issue that I believe this might be connected to is, again, when controlling a third-person camera using the right mouse button, if you look up or down too quickly the mouse will leave the bounds of the Roblox window, going into the title bar at the top or the taskbar. If you do this same thing in fullscreen, it will simply show either as an overlay. I’ve also found that it only occurs in specific games. I discovered it in Evade, but I would assume it would also occur in other places with a similar camera system, but I can’t confirm as I don’t know any.
Attached is a video of the first issue, if more information is needed, please reply and I will do my best to provide.


Sorry for being late to this topic. We’ll follow up when there’s any update on the issue.