Wind Effect Problem

I’ve got the wind effect from @boatbomber, and it shows a GUI on my screen when i put it in my game. how can i remove this GUI?

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Try looking to see if something was inserted into StarterGui or check under the inserted model for a ScreenGui and remove or disable it. You might also need to look though the scripts to see if it is added there.

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Found the problem, thank you!


You shouldn’t blindly copy paste scripts into your game without at least trying to read through them first. You might not realize what side effects there are. In this case it’s just a GUI, but it could have been something less noticeable but more breaking. In some cases there might even be malicious code hidden in there. Read before copying code, for your own sake!


I know, Thank you! it’s my first time using someone else scripts without me making it.

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