Window Placement System

So my window placement system works almost perfectly. But there is one problem. There is a possibility that windows left, right, up or down canvas doesnt cover whole canvas. Here’s the example:

as you can see, the little point in the middle cant be covered by any of those canvases. Any idea how to fill it up preferably with a new part?

What order are you using to place those four?

Do you place the windows manually and then generate the wall parts? Or do you have a tool that lets you click / click and drag a window that gets cut out of an existing wall?

the wall gets cut in real time

so basicaly you can drag the windows all around the wall and the wall gets cut accordingly to every windows position and size


I am slightly confused on the question.

What is that supposed to mean?

By canvas do you mean the wall?

yes, the wall is basically made into smaller walls. The smaller walls wont cover that hole. It happens only if windows are possitioned that way.