Windows Blured Like Ui


So i was making a Ui for my game, I was trying to make a window with a blur, just like the image below. How would i go about making that?

EDIT: I don’t know if you can see by the image, but what i am trying to replicate the windows’s glass like blur.


Can you please clarify which software you are referring to?

Roblox doesn’t provide any way to blur only part of the viewport, you can only blur the entire screen using BlurEffect.

Here is the solution, DevForum - Roblox.

I working with Roblox Studio. I am trying to replicate window’s 11 glassy like blur that they use on their Ui.

Here is the solution, DevForum BlurFrame - Roblox.

That kinda worked, I had already seen that but i wanted to avoid using it since it takes quite a while to load and in my opinion isn’t really the best practice.
Anyways it kinda did the job and it seems to be my best option until roblox makes their own gaussian blur.

Ty anyways :slight_smile:

guess we have to wait

np :face_holding_back_tears:

I made a third version called Direct Blur go to the same link and get the newest Direct Blur script iit shouldnt load anything but apply it instantly.

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