Windows trackpad gestures

A little while ago, we released a nifty feature where you can intuitively control your camera with a laptop touchpad, but only on the MacOS client.

You can read more about that here.

Starting today, we’ve now extended that functionality to the Windows client. You can now control your camera with a flick of your fingers.

The Windows controls are the same as on Mac:

  • Two-finger swipe: Pan camera up/down/left/right
  • Pinch: Zoom in/out

Note that not all Windows systems have good trackpad hardware or drivers. On unsupported systems the controls will gracefully degrade to the legacy trackpad control scheme – to say, nothing will change if your laptop can’t support this out of the box.

More laptop usability improvements coming soon.
Happy holidays from the Gameplay team.


This is amazing! I’ll sometimes forget to bring a mouse with my laptop and i’m stuck with WASD and arrow keys.


What determines if a trackpad is supported? Is it if is a Windows Precision Trackpad instead of a Symantec Trackpad, or something else?

Edit: It is something else. My laptop with a Symantec trackpad worked with the new navigation. I was hoping for a smooth panning system, but for me it was really jumping and it would only affect the X or Y axis rather than both.


Please make this an option in settings, it is very annoying when it is forced especially since I use a trackpad mouse which also detects gesture but is just a regular mouse!


Yes, please let me turn this off! I’m simply appalled that Roblox extended this change to Windows, and STILL without providing a setting… Windows setups are so modular, it’s no longer as simple as “is it a trackpad or not”. And not everyone wants their trackpads treated specially - I sure don’t. It’s unintuitive for me as even though the gestures are fancier I prefer using the gestures of the trackpad itself. Don’t force the fancy on everyone.


I didn’t even notice that this was intended to be a feature but it makes playing on a trackpad super annoying please make this a setting…


I think it would be better if you would make it in settings like enable/disable this mode. Would be more useful.


Thank you for this update! There seems to be an issue when you try swiping with two fingers in two directions (most commonly down and then right). It will only pan the camera downwards, and after three or so seconds will pan right, so it will keep panning your camera down even when youve moved your fingers to the right. After it does eventually pan over it works as normal however. It would be great if this was fixed.


Discovered a bug worth mentioning here; Using the new panning system with the trackpad once (two-fingers), intentional or not, causes your mouse’s scroll wheel to go… weird.

Scrolling would pan the camera up or down unless holding CTRL, which would go back to its intended function, though it only works half the time. Releasing goes back to the weird scroll pan system. This effect cannot be reverted until the client is restarted, including rejoining the server (via TeleportService). AFAIK, there are no solutions without having to rejoin manually.

Sample Capture 1n
Unmodified Baseplate Template with no modifications / forks to the default Camera / Control Scripts.

It’s as if the older panning system was mapped to the scroll wheel instead of Pg Up / Pg Down


We’ve reverted this change temporarily to resolve an issue with some Logitech mice models. We expect to turn it back on early January.


Are you also adding this to chromebooks?


Please let this be an option that you can toggle at will. Many people have requested this. You will no longer have to disable it completely if some model of mouse doesn’t work right, just patch it in an update and people will be able to disable it themselves in the meantime. And you won’t get people like me complaining about how this is an extremely unwelcome change if you’re going to force it on everyone with a trackpad connected to their machine.


Chromebooks r unable to download things


Roblox can be played on Chromebooks.


Hopefully with an option to disable this for Logitech users.


Has there been any update on this? Is this feature delayed until further notice?


Ah god, I use Logitech, welp. Hope they fix this.

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Thank god for this. I usually don’t have a spare mouse for my laptop when I go places. Thanks for this. :+1:


This is an amazing feature, I can finally play roblox without struggle while I’m away from my pc. Great update :+1:

Finally I don’t have to use the arrow keys to move the camera.


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