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This post is meant to inform you of genre wide Rules and Regulations for moderation not regulations for how to play or use our products/games.

Failure to abide by these Rules and Regulations will result in moderation action being taken against not only the account but of all accounts the offender is involved in.

By using any of our services/games/products you automatically agree to follow the following rules and Regulations.

These rules are meant to be guidelines, use common sense when considering these rules.

  • Through our Services you are able to create factions/houses.

    1. When Creating a faction you agree that your faction is subject to Genre rules regardless of where the action taken by the faction is taken.

    2. You are responsible for your faction and the members of your faction’s members. eg:

      • Breaking Genre Rules inside or outside of the genre.

      • Your members being in multiple factions or houses in an official sense.

      • If you find one of your members to be exploiting, you must report them immediately or risk your faction/house being removed.

      • You are responsible for ensuring that your members do not crowd or recruit members inside of spawns. You are also responsible for preventing your members from spawn killing. The offending members or your group may be kicked or moderated for this offense.

  • You are not allowed to be disrespectful or overly toxic while inside of our games. Examples of such behavior include:

    1. Being Verbally abusive.

    2. Saying or exuding racist remarks or imagery.

    3. Chat Spamming or Whisper Spamming.

    4. Toxic behavior (Harassment of an individual)

    5. Bypassing Roblox Chat filters.

  • You are not allowed to advertise outside of genre groups, products, or ideologies. You may advertise a group if it is an approved house or faction within the genre.

  • You are not permitted to use external software to improve the game experience for yourself at a detriment to others.

    • Exceptions:
      FPS Unlockers

    • Examples:
      Programs that change shaders or enhance the graphical experience

      AutoClickers or AFK machines

      Multiple Roblox Clients

  • You are not permitted to exploit or use glitches/programs to give yourself or others an unfair advantage. examples of such include:

    1. Injection via external software DLL or otherwise.

    2. Running of any script (Eg: Wallhack, ESP, Fly, God, etc)

    3. Attempting or being successful in crashing or DDOSing a server or servers.

  • Raiding via external or internal groups is allowed though you must not participate in any of the following circumstances:

    1. Wearing or equipping another faction’s gear or equipment. If a faction does not exist under that gear, you are permitted to use it.

    2. Spawn Killing or camping spawns in order to raid.

    3. Spawning inside kings landing if you are an outsider faction. If you are raiding with an outsider faction not involved in the genre, you may not join the group to spawn with the group members.

    4. Alt-Raiding by members of the genre is not permitted unless expressly allowed by a member of the staff team.

  • Do not spam the “Help” Command. You will be moderated for the following reasons:

    1. Using the command more than once within a reasonable period of time. Admins see these commands and will come to you as soon as they are available.

    2. Using the command multiple times for one issue. If the situation has already been resolved by a staff member and you continue to use the help command for the same issue, you will be moderated.

  • Follow the ROBLOX Terms of Service at all times.