Winter Cafe || Handbook || Interview Host / Co-Host ||

:exclamation: This guide has everything you need to know when you host a interview. Not using this handbook may result in a demotion and/or suspension. :exclamation:

Start by announcing about your Interview on the group shout. Before you announce, everything needs to be prepared.

Shout Models (Use one of them):

[Interviews] Interviews are hosted by ( Name )! Customers why not come and get this job?

[Interviews] are hosted by ( Name ) and helped by ( Co-Host Name )! Customers Why not come down at the Interview Center to get a job?

After enough customers use the “slock” command


Get on the stage

sm Greetings! Welcome to Winter Cafe Interviews! I will be your Host, ( Name ) and I’m here with my Co-host ( Name ).

If no Co-Host use this

sm Greetings! Welcome to Winter Cafe Interviews! I will be your Host, ( Name ).

2nd thing

sm I will now explain some rules!
sm Rules:
sm I. We don’t tollerate any kind of trolling at our facillitys.
sm II. Being rude to people will get you a suspension and/or a demotion of your curent job.
sm III. Spamming is not tollerated and it may result in a Permanent Ban.
sm IV. Abusing powers/tools will result in a demotion.
sm V. We don’t tollerate caps abusing and this may result in a suspension.

sm That’s all for now.

3nd thing

sm Everyonelease make a line in front of me.

After some time open the door
If the lobby is clear say:
h Lobby cleared!

sm Please line up.

Start naming ( Co-Host may help)
For the customers:
Name ( Customer Name ) (First Part of name ) | ( And a letter )

Example: name Panda123 Panda | A

For the staff:
name ( Staff Name ) (Part of name ) | Trainer | ( Letter)

Example: name Panda123 Panda | Trainer | A

sm Has everyone got a letter?
sm Great!
sm Please follow the trainer with the same letter as you!

And last
sm Staff | You may start!

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