Winter Mountain Showcase

Hello! It’s been a while since I built something, so I decided to work with some terrain! I made a snowy mountain. I don’t do a lot of winter lighting so it’s not too great.

Updated Pictures

In my defense, I have never done winter lighting before.
I really think I have the terrain pretty good, but I’m not sure what to add next. I didn’t really want to have any else, it’s meant to just be a forest and a mountain. This build took me a little over an hour to complete. I’m not really sure what to add next. [The trees are free models]
All suggestions are welcome. Thank you for reading and have a great day! :grin:

Game link: Winter Mountain Showcase - Roblox


Oh boy… Second explanation today… :grimacing:

Lighting needs a lot of work here. A few tips:

  1. The skybox doesn’t fit at all. Please find a new one, the current Skybox your using is generally used in cartoony games, not showcases.

  2. Why use Fog? Atmosphere is much better.

  3. The sun is way to bright. It’s giving me a heads he looking at it. Turn it down and make it less strong.

  4. Use some DepthOfField. Use it sparingly, but I highly recommend using it.

  5. Use some ColorCorrection. It can really improve the look.

Sorry for being harsh, this is a pet peeve of mine. I hope these tips can help your game look better! :grin:


Lighting is experimental, I forgot to change it :grimacing: I also am using everything you listed.

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I can see it was changed as it’s not using the default skybox, it’s alright that it doesn’t look good, it’s your first time!

FxllenCode is correct, but I’m loving the placement of the trees, the general organisation of the showcase, etcetera. But it is still amazing for a more rusty first try. Better than the things I’ve made, so I’d give it a 9/10! Remember to keep going, because I can see you’re work will be great. :+1:

Not my first time, more like 25th.


Well, you said it was a while since you had built something, so I presumed that you would be a bit rusty. But still, amazing work! :slight_smile:

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@FxllenCode @Chilled_Seal I updated the pictures with the correct lighting!

Depth Of Field is way too close, make it less strong and a bigger range.

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I have never really used Depth of Field, I never thought it was worth it, but thank you for the help!

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I really like it! The first picture does look a little bit blurry to me. Congrats!

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I fixed blur, just so people know :stuck_out_tongue:

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While this does look pretty good, here are some things I suggest you change/add:

  • Tone down on the DepthOfField effect, as it is way too intense.

  • I think adding the Fog effect would make this scene look a lot better, I suggest changing the color of the fog to very white.

  • Add some rocks to the mountain.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Edit: The fog effect I suggested will add a blizzard effect to your scene.

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Beautiful! Here are some recommendations:

  • Add some bushes and smaller tree models that are only partially grown.
  • Retexture the trees to make the snow on the branches a bit more visible, and maybe add some snow patched against the side of the trunks as well.
  • Add some snow effects using particle emitters.
  • Put some more rocks in the area dense with trees.

Great job!


Lighting is now much better in my opinion, made it 100x more realistic. great job!

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Everything looks good except the mountain has an un-natural cyan blue color

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I just updated the picture, I made the blue ice into black rocks.

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I updated the lighting again, if you want to check it out.

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Now looking even more realistic than earlier. Adoring the feel the game has, and the sounds in the background fit well. Amazing job.

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Wow!! The update looks way better than the original version! For the snow effect did you use the Fog effect I suggested?