Winter Scenery + Cabin

Winter build. What are your thoughts?
Criticism is appreciated.


to some things to be improved, you could leave the place with a denser vegetation, such as larger trees and plants with a whiter appearance
and could move these mountains further away from the place where this house and so make a beautiful scene :smiley:


Thanks! For the mountains, shall I move them further away from the border of the terrain?

I think you should make an indoor interior for the cabin. And try to hide the border.

Yes, I though of making some type of “wall” to hide the border. And the interior for the cabin doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Thanks!

I’d probably make the terrain extend farther, use atmosphere to hide the end of the map, and add the tall mountains far away so they are barely visible

Alright, ill add it! Once I get home from school though lol

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