Winter-themed Roblox Terrain

Hey all,

Last night I had some fun in studio, so I randomly started doing a winter map! Most of it is Roblox Terrain.
Let me know what you think of the creation.


I really love the low poly theme there us noting to change.


I love this so much, especially the low poly theme! I would just say to make the connection from the water to land be more smooth as it looks a bit rough. But other than that it looks awesome!


The snowman feels a little out of place since the map looks pretty remote and snowmans can’t build themselves (unless of course there is magic there?). Other than that it looks pretty cool.


Looks good, except there are certain areas where snow shouldn’t be (very close to the water, and on certain crevasses of the mountain). If it’s supposed to be lower-detail, then I would say this is almost perfect.

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The beauty of color-changable terrain. At first I saw it and thought it may have been a low poly blend, but now seeing that its Roblox terrain, it’s pretty good.

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Thank you a lot. I try to keep stuff low poly, which makes everything easier to create. On the other side, there’s a lot you can do with low poly creations. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks a lot, this was a really fast build. Spent around 30 minutes on it. Thanks again.

I try to keep everything low poly, but thanks a lot for the feedback.

I’m trying to go all low poly on that little map. However, I appreciate your feedback and will do some changes to the map shortly.

Thanks a lot. Roblox Terrain is very, or shall I say “Extremely” underrated. There is so much you can do with it, specially when your doing low poly work.

Thanks for the feedback again.

You’re welcome! Have a great day.

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Wow! This is incredible! I love the terrain you made, it’s nice and low poly. I’d say you don’t need to change anything.