Winter Vibe Room a new game that I released today, Any thoughts?

Winter Vibe Room, A newly game that I just released today, what are your thoughts about it?

Very nice! Although the house’s exterior is kind of ugly, so improvements on that would be great.

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Ok, Thank you So much for your Opinion I will add more update on my game by making more rooms and ill make it good soon. Ill do changed on the exterior to make it more realistic.

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I don’t really like to play these types of games, but i stil like to find problems.

Lighting looks bad on colors like yellow.

Some pepole whoud notice, i don’t care.

You can see the unfinished exterior if zooming out

The “Good Vibes” sign goes through the wall.

The animations GUI dosen’t scale properly on big screens

Didn’t cut out the bottom left corner.

That’s all that i choud find currently.

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I am working on it ill make my game more good im doing more work on the exterior soon so follow my game to see when i do more changes. thank you.