WIP Bridge building

Hello! I started this bridge build last night and spent an ungodly amount of hours getting small details done before realising one part would have fixed the majority of my problems >_>



I’d like to see some feedback from the community before I keep on going with the project. I’ve only started building recently so I’m not great and my eye’s not the best for details so I was hoping for some direction.

Thanks in advance!



I have to say that the bridge itself look good. There are a lot or ways you can build bridges and I like you chose this one because you can add nice details to it.

The first thing I would start doing is changing the materials because it seems as if all is plastic on the pictures. (tell me in case I’m wrong) I would make the light grey concrete and the dark grey deco brick. This will make it look way better.
Additionally, I have to say that the fence on trees bridge doesn’t really impress me. It’s really boring and it doesn’t look good. But that’s easy to fix. To fix it you should first separate the walking path from the road and on the walking path then add another lifted section and onto that you can make the same fence but just with fixes. You could probably add brick sides then concrete in the middle the concrete bit maybe 8 studs wide and then another brick pillar. (I would probably go for some fancy dark grey metal fence and copy it through the bridge but that might be hard to make for you but you can try)

In addition, and other cool thing you can add to your bridge are I don’t know what they’re called but light posts. You can do for small ones with a light source at the top or for these old fancy darf grey ones with the tilted square at the top and a light bulb in the middle.

I think that’s if you do all this the bridge will look way better. There a lot that you can do and the easiest inspiration is always google pictures.

I hope this helped you.

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Hi! I really appreciate the feedback; I used all smooth plastic to try and create a clean feel to the build. My end goal for the project is probably something similar to a 100% smooth plastic parts build that looks decent.

I’ll give the material colours a try instead of changing the materials itself and I’ll take into account what you said about the fencing. I thought about lamp posts to begin with and I have a lot of ideas for the bridge surface itself but I thought the best thing to do right now was to lay down the foundation.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Tomon1y The build looks good, the only thing I don’t like about it is the Material. Plastic doesn’t look good (in my opinion) when you’re trying to build bridges. Maybe try and test out different materials. You should also mess about with the lighting. Lighting always makes it look better. Great build tho.

Hi, your work looks pretty nice, it might be better if you add some more detail

Yeah that’s next; this was sort of a first portion of the build itself I did last night. Just wanted some preliminary feedback on it.

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Right now, the build doesn’t give us much to prodive feedback on since it’s still a work in progress build you should add some height to the “pier” normally taking about a stone formation around the train tunnel to improve the quality of the build you’ll see it’s made out of parts instead of everything being all smooth and plain.

Mainly focusing on the foundation (pier wall formation for example, the wall material that’s normally used for trains.)

Whether it be stone or brick would look much better when it’s has small gaps with different angles and sizes, some different shades of colors and a more stone texture would also make it much more realistic whatever approach your mainly going for.

Overall, I just recommend adding more design, detail, and making it a more better it’ll probably improve with textures or colors that are going to be placed. It looks good though:



Yeah that’s a good shout about the pier area, I’ll focus on that tonight s well as adding a lot of detail to the roadway.

Great advice, cheers!


This is my feedback:

The bridge look cool and good, probably it took you some hours to make it.
I think that the thing that you should change is the material, because I don’t think so that Plastic is good for a bridge.

I hope that it helped you this feedback. :happy2: