WIP Haunted House

Hello, everyone.

This is a WIP Haunted House, based on the house from “Annabelle.”
This will be used for an upcoming horror game, meant to be non-photorealistic so that most if not everyone can play it despite the quality of their devices.
Let me know what you think of it.


It looks a lot like the house from that game Granny. But other then that, it looks really nice, I like the wallpaper texture, very nice. I think you should put something on the table, like a flower pot or something.

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From the outside, it looks like any ordinary house. Some clues would be great to establish this as a real haunted house. The insides could use some work or texture like hidden scratches or something. Otherwise, this looks great on its own!

Can you damage the house a little so I can see its haunted?

I agree with everything they said, it’ll be better if you created some sort of object or visual that indicates the house is haunted.

The interior looks like the type of image you’ll see in a showcase, maybe add some dirt along the walls and etc…

Both exterior and interior are good and detailed but looks bland at the same time, the only thing which makes it haunted is the atmosphere.

Even without dirtying it up, changing the lighting to create a grim and spooky mood would really make this pop.

Add a vignette in the GUI to darken the edges.

Lower the lighting, both in brightness and range, add some slightly brown, green or blue lighting to vary the colour scheme.

Use future lighting and vary the shadows (point and surfance).

But the modelling is great.

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It looks good. It has a potential of a horror/scary game that could succeed.

image (4)


The house honestly looks really cool but a lot of horror games have tight spaces to make you feel sort of trapped and more up close if there are any jumpscares, so you could try making some thin hallways and stuff, but depending on what your game is like you might not need that. Honestly really good build though!

A path outside and more “red” lighting…

That “mud” in the first photo just looks like dirty water. Might want to try…leafy grass, I suppose?

Wow I love it a lot, nice texturing and I see a lot of thought being put into this! Keep it up and you’ll achieve great things.

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Thank you all for the positive feedbacks and suggestions!
Throughout the next few days, the other builder and I will be adding another level of detail, and we will also be adding the entire map, which is actually surprisingly big and not only the house.

I will post the progress in a new post when we are finished!
Thanks again :smiley:

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I can’t wait to see the whole map when it’s finished!!

Man, it’s amazing to my eyes. Love it!!

That is future lightning though

Thank you for the feedback! It means a lot.

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