(WIP) I made a dead-meme murder game


I made a similar one in the past with 88k visits so I thought I’d make another one but better because people requested me so.
The only problem is that nobody is playing and I’ve just ran ads today xd.

Would you like to join and taste the unoriginality?


This isn’t the right place to post this, but anyways I’m not sure if Roblox would like games that are not kid friendly.

What part of my game isn’t kid friendly…?

Wait sorry I didn’t mean to say kid friendly, the reason to why people might of stop playing your game is because there no addicting part of where it keep them keep on playing and a dead meme game is dead so people probably moved on from that dead meme. I suggest you add more updates that people would like.

Have you even played the game or are you judging a book by it’s cover?

Telling by the title people probably will move on from a dead meme, and no I haven’t played the game yet.

Well, no, my average playtime is around half-an hour. So my game isn’t that exactly boring according to people…
What makes people leave is that there’s exactly nobody playing.
It needs at least 2 players to play and around 6 for it to be really good.

Oh, well I would suggest posting ads or yourself playing with the players in the game.

Well there’s a 12 player lobby going on at the moment so if anyone wants to try now it’s the time.

Alright I will join. :slight_smile: wait no wonder why it doesn’t support mobile and the Roblox community is basically mobile players.

The game supports all platforms, it’s just that I think that playing in mobile would not be fun compared to PC.
But if you want me to add mobile, can do.

Oh, well if you allow mobile it would definitely increase the player count, but you gonan have to make it more fun.

Well, I’d only continue adding stuff to the game if I see people like it, I just need a boost of popularity so I have a reason for it, because this was mainly a side-project that fans wanted me to do.

If nobody plays then I’d only be wasting my time. That’s why I’m trying to see if anybody wants to give it a try and tell me whatever they want, suggestions, ideas, love, hate, etc.

If they are people playing keep on updating the game unless you give up