[WIP] Kagune pack (models and animations)

Hey there!

I’m making a “kagune” bundle/pack inspired by the anime “Tokyo Ghoul”
every model and animation in it will be 100% mine.
(( if you have ever read/watched Tokyo Ghoul, please suggest a kagune/quinque that i can make!))




So… what you think about it? :cowboy_hat_face:


The texturing and detail are very nice. The outline makes the entire thing very clearly visible, would work very well in a complex scene.

The model seems very bizarre though. I’d have to watch the anime to understand it I guess

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the animation kinda looks robotic and not really smooth could get a bit more work on the optimizing

How exactly do i make it more “natural”? im really new to animating :flushed:

its called easing options press left-click or right-click (dunno if ur a lefty or a righty hand user) then a drop-down menu opens then there should be an easing option or easing be mentioned

Some more general pointers for natural animations:

  • Feet should never move from the ground unless they are lifted (unless you specifically want to make e.g. a shuffle dance where the feet slip on the ground). Instead make the legs and upper body move around while adapting to the feets’ position. IK can sometimes help with this.
  • The lower torso on the other hand should move, a person leaning in any direction will always have their hips moving both in absolute and relative to their body.
  • Similarly, a head should rarely rotate and mostly just follow the neck/upper torso’s position - ever notice how you practically only move your head when trying to look another direction?
  • Having independent motion helps. Instead of having three poses in which each the entire body goes through a motion, have each body part go through its own chain of motion - this can still be just 3 keyframes, but try not aligning all of them to the same pose.

Additionally, you can try to export your model (if it’s not already made in another program) and join it to be a single mesh (two meshes if you count the outline), and animate using the new deformation feature - this will fix the outline artifacts around the joints and make the entire model look like a single, consistent body. This is a lot of work involved for just a flavor type of thing so you should know what kind of art style you want before attempting this.

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