WIP: Open World Survival Shooter, "Dead Nights"

Im making it an open world shooter, loosely based on the following

Escape From Tarkov
ArmA III Desolation Mod / DayZ Mod
Battlefield 4

So far, I am about halfway through my progress of firearms.
And here is my Trello board if you are interested in what I have done/plan to make

And here is an album of pictures that I took of the weapons/attachments.
I plan on having both first person and third person, so I found it essential for decent quality firearms and attachments.


These look like a mix between Phantom Forces and Apoc Rising guns.

You should do something to make your game stand out from the other 100 FPS titles :slight_smile:

Yeah geez @Theta0, your guns look as great as these other two games who have made accurately designed guns, so you should totally redesign them to look different. :thumbsup:


That’s not nearly what I said.

I said the guns look like a mixture between something super high quality and super high performance. Then I recommended he do something with his title to distinguish it.

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So you’re saying these guns aren’t allowed to be beautiful like Phantom Forces, and not as high in performance like Apoc. So what, he should make little blocky guns from the year 2066 that shoot like a stormtrooper on meth? I mean I don’t know about you, but great quality and great performance is something he should strive towards.

wat are you… just…

I think you’re trolling.

Ahhh stop it guys.


These guns looks awesome, and ScriptOn has said that, but his phrasing made it seem like he was saying something alone the lines of “be original and do something else” when I’m pretty sure he meant “these guns are cool, you should strive to make your game innovative/fun/set apart from other titles so this work doesn’t go to waste”

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Not a troll, you just told him his guns are too close to looking like accurate greatly designed guns from Phantom Forces, and too high in performance like Apoc guns. What else is he supposed to do? Redesign his own guns that look different from all others and perform like no other gun ever? Having a good looking gun with good performance is a good thing, not one to shy away from because “other people have done it before.”

What’s so bad about having high quality guns and high performance unions? I think you misunderstand something.

I think you misunderstand my point. You yourself claimed:

Which is a good thing to see in guns, great performance with a great look, which you yourself even say:

You then go on in your first post to say he should make his game stand out from “the other 100 FPS titles”

Which is telling him to do something different than making greatly designed guns with “super high performance”

My point is clear, Theta has made great guns and he shouldn’t have to change it because he made them too good.

But hey, let’s end this. My point is clear, Theta you’ve made some pretty awesome guns and I don’t believe they should change. That’s all I have to say.

“do something” in relation to the entire concept of the game and not just the guns in it.

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When he first says:

And then follows it with the:

It looks and sounds like he is talking about the guns in the game, not just the game general. If he wanted to separate the two points, he should have thought better on how he writes out his opinions.

But again: [quote=“IceTaurus, post:10, topic:23735”]
But hey, let’s end this. My point is clear, Theta you’ve made some pretty awesome guns and I don’t believe they should change. That’s all I have to say.

Before some other user jumps in with their own interpretation of what ScriptOn is saying for him to like instead of saying more himself.

When I read his post I heard “These guns look really nice”. That’s as simple as this should be.

Please don’t start a fight over something so silly. If you’re not a fan of the way he phrased his opinion, just leave it alone or personal message him to discuss sentence structure. This doesn’t belong here.



Any progress on this?


The actual guns:

Working on an animation system, although it is not near completion

The structures, redid most of them. Using brick and concrete materials to limit brick count is effectiv

And I still have the Trello up.

My friend ChiefCong is making clothes for the game, and she is doing a great job so far.

I tend to get obsessed with reloading animations a lot in any FPS game. I could probably point out my thoughts on what you have if you feel prepared.

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(protip: don’t say yes unless your ego can take 16 hits per second to the nuts)

Thanks, but I have a social circle of gun nuts in a guild I own, Heckler & Koch . They take enjoyment in constructively critiquing everything I do. And besides, I still need to configure the models I made to be suitable for scripts.