[WIP PLUGIN] Doom WAD Converter

This has been really interesting to work on. It’s working directly from machine code into information I can use to build a map. It had to start out almost as a hex editor where I was switching the endianness of certain packets and decided to take it here.
Consider this plugin in the future being paired with Room:

For item/actor/entity tags stored in WAD files, I can use their Room counterparts to end up making what’s basically a source port! Room maps have historically been hand-built in roblox but this could streamline the process and add a level of authenticity.

Example of a WAD this reads:


Pardon me, I am a little slow, but this technically is a code conversion system to basically integrate maps from the original DOOM code? Very cool man. I haven’t been too close in watching your development, but watching from afar you’ve been making huge strides. I really like your transparency and the overall integration of two platforms. Legendary.

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Yep! The Doom map format is being directly put to roblox(: