[WIP] Procedural foliage (and not only) generation plugin

About Me

Hi there! Very proud to show to you some of my work.

Here is short video:
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Well, my idea was to help to level designers in their work. Plugin can place any object (Loot box for example) in certain places and with certain percentage…

I would be grateful for all your opinions and suggestions.

If anyone is interested - I can make a tutorial for Roblox plugin development (IMO way).

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via newfych@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading and watching! :slight_smile:


your video link is the edit mode where only you have acess…

u need to post the video link and not the one to edit it.

Looks great! Maybe some ability to create a “Region” and apply the foliage only within the specified region? Other than that i love the simplicity of the UI and how much easier it will be setting up environments!

This is a great feature to have, especially for larger maps. I can see still having to comb over the terrain and make manual adjustments but it would cut down a lot of time manually placing all those assets.

I also agree that being able to manage what assets are being used in different regions would be a fantastic addition.

I have provided such an opportunity - as you can see in previous video at 0:23… There is an option to change size… I made it for just in case… But I think there are must be options to set offset, if so… Ok, I’ll add it… Thanks for your suggestions…

There is something new to show:
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  1. Edit area
  2. Alignment
  3. Random size
  4. Adding custom model

It takes sometime to make sliders, minimap, and several other things… (It’s pretty bad, that Roblox didn’t support such things out of box…)

I’d love to get your opinion on it.
Thanks for reading and watching! :slight_smile: