W.I.P Revamp of my old home

Hi. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to see this.

So I’m working on a revamp build of an old game that I made awhile back, which can be found here. There isn’t much to see there besides a lot of models that were not mine.

I “developed” that home for one of my characters sometime back in the early start of 2019. There are some original builds in there like the watch tower, diner, and hill with the tree, but the map in general was overall planned horribly, and so I wanted to give the game a little bit of a revival.

The new game will have scripts made by me, detailed builds by me, and most importantly 0 free models as much as possible. (unless I need to use one for temporary placeholder I suppose, which hopefully doesn’t happen).

Please keep in mind that I’m no where near done, and that the place is in a W.I.P state (Work In Progress).

I just started the build for real like 2 days ago and I’m yet to add picture frames of me and friends moments together on the walls and stuff, as well as completing everything else, and adding more decoration.

Do feel free to leave anything you think the house should have below. Thank you!


Dining Room Lights off picture:

For anyone curious about some of the meshes, I use blender for pretty much any advanced geometry stuff, like the rug in the room I’m standing in.


It’s absolutely amazing, the only thing that I can find really is the size of the handles in the kitchen, maybe make them a little bit smaller?

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Oh yeah, lots of people got confused by that. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing to do, but I use an Oculus Quest 2 to view the build in real world view, then attempt to scale objects off that. I actually did make minor adjustments to the handles, but I feel like If I make them too small, it’d be a bit odd. I’ll see what I can do.

Edit I’ll reply to any message that gets further posted in the morning, I need to sleep atm.

Alright, well maybe have is so when you get close to the handle a little proximity prompt could pop up. But as always, this is Roblox! Do what you want!

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Actually, the game is already utilizing quite the bit of ProximityPrompts. For light switches, picking up cups in the kitchen, pouring water, and other objects like the broom hiding at the end of the kitchen (out of sight in the screenshots)

That makes a lot of sense now. By the way it has its own look. I like it; Keep going!

Edit: Make sure to let me know when this comes out! :smiley:


It all looks awesome!!! But that door is longer than it is tall.

Looks kind of normal to me, I suppose it’s just the angle, but I could tinker with the width of the door. I sized based off Robloxian. It also looks fine in VR, but I could definitely be wrong. Thanks!

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