[WIP] Secret Hitman Building

Hello, I am currently making a building which is going to be a secret hitman association building hidden in disguise… Its still a work in progress, need to add the actual bottom bit and interior! I will keep this post updated with pictures

Let me know what you think of the current build :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s kinda not a secret that it’s a hitman’s building when it has the words Fighters Corp in bright bold letters.

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It’s really cool! Maybe add more colors.

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Commissioner asked for it to be dark themed so yeah thats why its a bit dull and thanks!

Fighters corp insinuates a sort of martial arts org, like baki… its very different from a h i t m a n

Still, both are forms of hurting or killing something :woman_shrugging: I don’t know. That’s just what first came to mind.

The building looks very well built on the exterior! I do like it

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haha true, and thanks :slight_smile:

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It looks pretty good, just have two remarks:

1: There is something off about the diced window cover, i think you should polish it, make it a bit more shiny.

2: FIGHTERS CORP should be changed to an ordinary company name, this makes it look less secret.

That’s it, you’re doing good!

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