WIP Text Adventure Game

Hey guys! I’m making a text adventure game on Roblox, something you don’t really see here. I’m open to suggestions and feedback, so if you guys have any, please feel free to send them!


That is quite a unique idea to make in Roblox, Quite impressing, I have nothing to say rn but can’t wait to see how much it turns out!


This is very unique game on roblox, I didnt see anything like this before! It feels like 1980s pc games. I wish luck to you, and your project!

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i feel this is a very specific niche game genre, this is awesome but many players wont have the patience to play

Oh no! My summer CS test is now on roblox!
But jokes aside really cool.

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woahh! how does this work? The player can type anything they want and the script generates text? Does this use ai?

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nah, it just uses if conditions

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What a unique idea!

This looks really cool so far, looking forward to its release!

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That looks pretty cool, just two things, is the text meant to be that spaced out on purpose, and how do you concentrate with the animated blue bar at the bottom of the window :interrobang:

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It’s no longer my wallpaper haha! I just got used to it