W.I.P Wave Defense Game

I am currently working on a game with the Wave Defense genre named Brick Defense. (Version - 1.5)
The main method of defense in this game has not been added yet, so as a result, there are some free models as weapons because the game is its in-dev/prototype stage.
They will soon be removed and replaced with my own work.
As the game progresses, there will be updates to this page as to keep up with the status of the game.

Before continuing, you are obliged to read this text. Under any circumstances, you are completely prohibited to copy and/or even reference my work and this game. You are not allowed to copy my work, at all.


  1. DementedDivinity (me)
    My job is to script, build and create everything.
  2. Jacky_BOI101 (my friend)
    My friend’s role is to build and come up with ideas for the game.


  1. Tower Defense Simulator by Paradoxum Games
  2. The Zombie’s Onslaught by SuperEvilAzmil
  3. Zombie Defense 3 by Pokemonfan571
  4. Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra

Weapons/Defense Methods:

Burnt Stick

The Burnt Stick is a meme tool I made a while ago, using the Classic Sword model by ROBLOX and modifying it a bit. It is a black sword tool that does a extremely high amount of damage. It is used as a dev-only tool/testing tool made to eradicate bricks easily. It is located in a little grass hole, next to the enemies spawn, and can be obtained by running into the tool giver in said hole.


The Friend is a tool inspired by the LORD from make a friend by 74j. It is a prototype tool, meant to act as a kill-brick bowling ball that does not yet work. Its purpose is to spawn a copy of itself 5 studs from the direction the player is currently facing that kills anything it touches, that will soon destroy itself 10 seconds after. It is located in the starter tools that the player gets on join.

Classic Sword

The Classic Sword is an old tool created by ROBLOX that is featured in many, many games. It is a sword with a yellow, black and white hilt, with a grey blade. It is located in the starter tools that the player gets on join. Not that much to say about it.


The M4 is a free model carbine rifle gun that is based on the M4 Carbine rifle. It is located in the starter tools that the player gets on join. Not that much to say about this one either.

Vehicles and Turrets

The Turret is the main method of defense in Brick Defense that has not yet been added. There are multiple of them that can be bought from the Shop, which has also not yet been added. They are a stationary method of defense that is placed by the player and fires at zombies in range. They have a specific amount of health that can be reduced before dying, and that can also be increased by the player paying in-game money. They have specific upgrades that the player can purchase which grants the turret an increase in specific stats such as range, damage, health and more.

What the game is about:

Brick Defense is a zombie wave defense game, but instead of zombies, there are brick monsters.
You have to fight them off by placing down turrets capable of blowing apart the bricks and as a result, killing them and gaining money.
There is a level system and a shop, where you are able to buy and upgrade your turrets, using the money you gained.
Some turrets are locked behind a level barrier which you have to achieve and/or pass to purchase.

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