Wireframe Rendering toggle not working

Since i have no permission to post in the Bug Report category (:cry:), i thought i would post it here

The studio wireframe rendering toggle doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I tried restarting studio and creating a new baseplate to test it in.
It doesn’t work in both of the places.

The rest of the buttons like “Grid Material” and “Show Grid” do seem to be working as intended.



Hope you don’t mind me asking but what did you add to the baseplate to get the image seen in the video?

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I’ve got the same problem, been happening for the past couple of days - still waiting for ROBLOX to fix it or even notice it.


What is seen in the video is the game i am working on currently. But both in my game and the baseplate the wireframe toggle doesnt seem to be working

Thanks for that.
Is it possible to try using a simple graphic image on a baseplate to confirm the effect so others can verify it?

Hello everyone!

Yes, we noticed the bug and your voices! The fix will be released soon!


It looks like this is fixed now, greatly appreciate it!