WireFrame Rendering?

I was looking around and I happened upon Wireframe Rendering. Curious me clicked it and I found out that this is not at all what I was expecting.

When was this implemented? Does it have any really good things? I can’t find anything about it and #updates


oh wow, I didn’t know they added it either. Thanks for letting me know! haha it looks pretty cool

Where did you find this?

I think what it’s supposed to be used for is finding areas in your game with lots of triangles, so you can prevent lag.

It’s in the view tab in studio

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Its under the view tab in the top bar of studio

Alright, thanks! This must be new since I’ve never seen it before.

Exactly why I was wondering about it

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Wireframe rendering is a feature on the View Tab that allows you to view objects in a way that allows you to “see through them.” Wireframe rendering can be used to look at the structure of an object or the contents of a build. With wireframe rendering, you’re able to see triangles (tris) just like in the 3D modeling program, Blender.

Here are some of my builds with wireframe rendering.

Hope this is your solution.


I know what it is but I’m wondering why they never told anybody about it

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This isn’t a big update. Developer Relations doesn’t announce these small features usually.


This is also a feature in blender. From my blender experience, you use it to get an outline of your map so you can see where more stuff can be added and such.

Now it’s more easy to observe how each Roblox Part has multiple edges on each face, without a very serious reason as to why in my opinion, except legacy.

Back in the day, all parts had a smooth edge to them. This was later reduced to just an outline, and now parts are flat and smooth in visuals. In reality, the edge is still there, which compared to importing meshes from Blender or programs like this, will lag the game more in large quantities.

Until observing this, the myth of meshes lagging less most of the time seemed something made up than objective. Now I really believe in this.

Thanks you for let me know this a like for roblox <3 and for you

Recently this feature broke for me. Clicking on it highlights the button, but the wireframe mode doesn’t turn on, and nothing happens when I try to use it. Grid material and show grid works fine. There’s no error in the output either. Is anyone else having this problem?

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I am also having this issue and I assume it has something to do with the new Material Service beta feature.

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seems to be the new material beta thing, hopefully someone files bug report

Yes! It’s fixed now after studio updated! That was fast!