Wish Anything! - New Game Feedback

Hey Guys!
Recently I made a simple, but in my opinion, funny game where you can wish anything!
You just need to type in chat whatever you want and the wish will come true!
You can make houses, cars, food and even parties with your friends!
What do you think about it?
Here are some screenshots:

If you would change something, please tell me or write it in the official game’s group!


Is the object generation dynamic in the sense that if I said “dance floor” it would still be able to create one sized appropriately regardless of whether I had spawned a house or not, or I was in a different structure?

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Concept seems okay, unfortunately, the actual game does not work as it would be very hard to get every single idea a player has. I only got a result about 3% of the time and I was asking obvious things like tv, bike, a drink and things like that

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Concept seems really good, but impossible at Roblox engine. Is almost impossible find anything i want without a list, even if it is obvious; i could stay sit in this chair for eternity trying every word…

Doesn’t this already exist?


Every game already exist

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“Computer”, “Desk”, “Money” and other stuff dont work. Such as “Bed” and “Cave” and other stuff

ok, i’ll add much more stuff later!
thanks everyone for the tips!

If you guys have any ideas to add please write them here or on the roblox game group!