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Italian Localization Services

Hello, everybody! I’m WistfulChecco, I’ve been playing roblox for a long time and I have a lot of experience in developing and locaziation, I’m from Italy. Today I wanted to give you all an opportunity to import the Italian language into your game! I’ve been playing roblox since I was a young, for my fellow citizens who don’t know English well it could be difficult to understand how to play, I’m proposing myself for this role because I want to give all Italians or those who know the Italian language to be able to play a game with their native language.

I am currently part of the Roblox Localization Team in which we also won the The 6th Annual Bloxy Award in the past year!

Honestly at the moment I call myself one of the best Italian Localizator that you can find around the roblox community. I have worked on many important projects and I know how to do my job in the best possible way.

:hammer_and_wrench: Past Experiences! :hammer_and_wrench:

Work at Pizza Place

Date: 08/01/2019
Payout: 134,640 R$

Saber Simulator

Date: 10/12/2019
Payout: 72,666 R$

Vehicle Tycoon

Date: 9/13/19
Payout: 38,000 R$ + 7,405R$

These were my most important localizations!

:alarm_clock: Availability :alarm_clock:

I am currently not going to school so I would be available most of the day, obviously the deathline of the work is decided before starting the translation.

:moneybag: Payment Method’s :moneybag:

  • Paypal
  • Group Payout

:memo: How I will translate your game :memo:

  • Translator Portal
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • File Word
  • File Excel

:phone: Contact :phone:

  • Discord => ItaliansOperator#3724

Thank you for your attention,

Dear Regards,