Witch one looks better (EVEE vs. CYCLES)



what is better?

  • Evee
  • Cycles

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This is quite an unfair comparison, I can see that EEVEE has a bloom post process whereas Cycles do not (but can definitely use).

I recommend you edit the post with a bloom post process on the cycles render to make it fair.

Im giving evee an advantage because I know everyone will vote cycles over evee no matter what

Then what is the point in even giving it an advantage when you can apply post processing to cycles to make it look better than post processed evee.

That’s what makes it unfair, giving something an advantage and then asking “Oh yeah which one is better” doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, people won’t pick cycles instantly, unless they have no prior knowledge of these two rendering pipelines and pick the one they’ve heard about the most.