With or without FPS cap?

I’m torn on if I should keep the FPS cap I’ve made for my game, so I’m asking you guys if I should or if I shouldn’t, any feedback is appreciated

Edit: FPS cap is set to 24 FPS

With FPS cap -

Without FPS cap -

I think the FPS cap looks better, but it may also delay client-input. What might be better is faking the FPS cap with things affected by it, such as the camera movement. That way the input frames can still have their full range while still keeping the “low framerate” style.

Plus if you’re torn between both either way, you can always have it be a setting that’s toggleable by the user.


Sorry, but I don’t see any difference :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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FPS Cap looks way better. If you’re really torn on it, put the fps cap as the default and add a setting to turn it off.


Thanks for the input! I’ll just make it toggleable as you guys said.

Forcing the client to run at a lower FPS than what it’s supposed to is only going to cause problems. If you like the look of it being lower then please try to replicate how it looks without tanking the actual FPS (and making the input delay horrible) for no good reason.

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