With what could i fill these rooms?

hello there,

so am Not a good builder at all, i like to script more, but since i don’t like using pre made assets , i want to build my own stuff.
i have no idea what to build in the rooms though, room 1 only contains a house that took me 40 minutes to build.
so can you guys help me think of something to build in the rooms left empty?
(it is a puzzle game if that helps?)

here are some pictures:

room 1 where players look for buttons

room2 where players place a block in between two cables

room 3 where players have to make a block glow

room4 where players have to speedrun to the exit

room 5 where players have to guide a block of ice to cables

i am very proud of my little house, but i have no idea what could fill the rest of the rooms…
most of the people on this forum are from what i’ve seen great builders, so i have come here for help.
i genuinely don’t know if this breaks the rules(i hope not).

Thanks in advance!!!


Place some pebbles and flowers around the map for the “nature” feel. In my opinion, I think some pixel clouds, made entirely from parts, are quite suitable on the walls too.


Any minimal details can make the rooms looking better, such as rocks, flowers, trees, paths, effects etc. You can also also themes for each room respecting the design of them